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  • 02 Jun 2019 2:50 PM | Anonymous

    The ICoTA Canada Innovation Award recognizes outstanding technical innovation or application of technology for well intervention. The application of the new intervention technology or technique should demonstrate one or more of the following:

    - reduced risk
    - increased production
    - improved efficiency
    - reduced costs
    - improved safety
    - minimized environmental impact
    - AND generally increase value to operators

    For more information, please visit:

  • 23 Oct 2018 6:19 AM | Anonymous
    ICoTA Canada 2018 Roundtable Program – 24th October Metropolitan Centre 333-4th Ave SW, Calgary, Alberta

    7:00 Registration & Buffet Breakfast 8:00 Opening Remarks – President ICoTA Canada 

    8:05 Dynamic behavior of a BHA during sleeve shifting operations – Rob Standen (NCS) 

    8:30 A deployable jarring and cutting solution for extreme stuck in hole scenarios- Earl Eagely (Reservoir Group) 

    8:55 Bridge plug milling: where does the time go? – Craig Fraser (Trican) 

    9:20 Q&T technology improves safety and reliability in challenging CT shale Operations – Garry McClelland (Global) 

    9:45 Coffee Break & Exhibition (40 mins) – Sponsored by Global Tubing 

    10:25 An update of sour performance testing and field performance – Bruce Reichert (Tenaris) 

    10:50 Novel coating to prevent corrosion of coiled tubing bias welds– Yunhao Li (Quality Tubing) 

    11:15 Addressing microbial challenges in coiled tubing: we are all in this together – Virginia Wornstaff (OSP)

    11:45 String performance analysis using multi-company data reveals new insights– Paul Brown (CoilData)

    12:05 Group photograph for presenters only (by registration table) 

    12:05 Lunch & Exhibition 12:45 Keynote address: – “Oil and Gas Industry Trends” – Peter Tertzakian (ARC Energy Institute) 

    13:35 Seeing inside wells through opaque fluids using acoustics– Stephen Robinson (Darkvision) 

    14:00 Dust control and soil stabilisation for lease roads and sites – Pascale Launiere (Trican) 

    14:25 New acid tunnelling insights from full scale acid tests – Silviu Livescu (Baker Hughes) 

    14:50 Coffee Break & Exhibition (25 mins) – Sponsored by Wenzel Downhole Tools 

    15:15 Using DAS to optimise frac completions thru’ improved understanding of cluster performance, inter-stage communication, diverter effects and cross well strain – Carson Laing (Optasense) 

    15:40 Undeniable diversion: Completing wells more efficiently with SlicFrac – Jenna Robertson (TTS) 

    16:05 IRP 21 Update – Bailey Epp (STEP Energy) 

    16:30 Closing remarks – President ICoTA Canada 

    16:35 Cocktails & Exhibition – Sponsored by Tenaris

  • 10 Jul 2017 8:49 AM | Anonymous

    IRP 21 was sanctioned in May 2017, following a limited scope review. The key revisions include reformatting to match the current style guide, updated references, and most importantly, a revision of the Well Servicing Pressure Categories. These revisions align the IRP 21 Well Classification System with global API Standards.

    See here for more information and to download the new IRP:

  • 06 Jun 2017 9:13 AM | Anonymous
    BiSN Oil Tools 
    Wel-lok M2M™ WSO (Well Shut Off Tool) 

    BISN is a leading provider of metal to metal downhole sealing solutions to the oil and gas industry. Utilising their in-house groundbreaking modified thermite heater, BiSN is breaking the mould of traditional usage of elastomer seals and cement plugs for water shut off in oil and gas wells.

    As an innovative and dynamic organisation providing new solutions to some age old problems, BiSN has the capacity to react to market demands. With experienced engineers as part of their team, they are finding multiple applications for their unique sealing Wel-lok M2M™ technology.

    Entering the competition with the Wel-lok M2M™ WSO (Water Shut Off) tool, BiSN impressed the judges by the speed at which this new innovation has already been applied in the field, in a market notorious for reticence in the uptake of new products. The panel also recognised the value of BiSN’s Wel-lok M2M™ WSO capability to reduce local environmental impact and improve production whilst providing the engineer with an easily deployable tool. The high statistics of well life extension data undoubtedly helped to confirm this BiSN tool as a firm winner.

    The uniquely developed BiSN technology, branded ‘Wel-lok M2M™’ simply put means sealing the well with metal to metal (M2M). It has been run in numerous locations around the world in both on and offshore environments.

    ICoTA International’s Annual Intervention Technology Award recognizes outstanding technical innovation or application of technology for well intervention. The application of the new intervention technology or technique should demonstrate; reduced risk, increased production, improved safety or minimized environmental impact.

    Paul Carragher, CEO of BiSN received the winner’s trophy from Steve Deshotels, Senior Chairman of ICoTA at the SPE/ICoTA Well Intervention and Coiled Tubing Conference & Exhibition, held at the George R. Brown in Houston.

    To find out more details about its various applications see the website

    Other close contenders (in no particular order) short-listed for this year’s award were:

    • Qinterra Technologies - PrecisionStroker Expander
    • Teledrill - Newton System 
    • Welltec - ELine Downhole Jetting Tool

  • 12 Oct 2016 6:42 AM | Anonymous

    The  ICoTA Canada Roundtable Event is approaching quickly.  

    Click here to register before the Oct 19th deadline.  

    This year our program includes 12 presentations, 4 focus presentations and a keynote address by G. Allen Brooks.

    This years program:

    7.00 am – Registration & Buffet Breakfast

    8.00 am – Opening Remarks – Greg Chapin (President ICoTA Canada)

    8.10 am – Recent advancements with a unified CT extended reach technology – Silviu Livescu (Baker Hughes)

    8.35 am – Optimisation of metal-on-metal lubricants for CT applications – Scott Sherman (Trican)

    9.00 am – Agitating explosives in extended reach wells; a good idea? – Jack Kolle (Tempress Technologies)

    9.25 am – Coiled Tubing roles in re-fracs – Eric Schmelzl (NCS)

    9.50 am – Coffee Break & Exhibition (40 mins)

    10.30 am – Challenges building a 9000m string; reaching the limits in extended reach operations? – Irma Galvan (Global Tubing)

    10.55 am – A new CT grade for improved general and sour service – Bruce Reichert (Tenaris)

    11.20 am – Development and compatibility testing of CT with 140 ksi min. yield strength – Kevin Elliott (Quality Tubing)

    11.45 am – The Challenges of CT failure analysis – Justin Bekker (Stress Engineering)

    12.10 pm – Group photograph for presenters only (by registration table)

    12.10 pm – Lunch & Exhibition

    12.45 pm - Keynote address: – “Do you feel better after 2 years in hell?”  G. Allen Brooks (G. Allen Brooks LLC)

    1.35 pm – Real-time Collaborative Interventions – Arun Joseph (Stimline)

    1.50 pm – Online KPI’s enable operators to assess service company performance – Paul Brown (Coildata)

    2.05 pm – Potential effects of water hammer pulses on sand transport – Jack Kolle (Tempress Technologies)

    2.20 pm – Hydraulic short trips for cleaner wellbores – Kevin Thiessen (Thru’ Tubing Solutions)

    2.35 pm – A novel method of transporting sand – Scott Churchill (Trican)

    3.00 pm – Coffee Break & Exhibition (25 mins)

    3.25 pm – Choosing a biocide for well interventions; protecting your equipment, fluids & reservoirVirgina Wornstaff  (OSP)

    3.50 pm – CT telemetry system improvements; monitoring realtime tension, compression and torque – T.Watkins(Baker)

    4.15 pm – Thin clad CRA : down hole corrosion protection – Stefan Hartman (Shell International)

    4.40 pm – Closing remarks – Greg Chapin (President ICoTA Canada)

    4.45 pm – Sponsored Cocktails & Exhibition

  • 02 Mar 2016 11:10 AM | Anonymous


    Registration for the ICoTA Canada Annual General Meeting is now open.  Click here to register now.

  • 09 Feb 2016 9:25 AM | Anonymous

    ICoTA Canada has decided to to run a photo contest this year to generate some fresh visual content for the new website.

    Photos can be submitted to  Please include your name, the company you're with (if appropriate), a brief description of where the photo was taken and whether or not it was taken with a cell phone.

    Don't miss out on some great prizes.  We look forward to everyone's submissions!

    ICoTA Board

    The Prizes:

    Best Photo: Choice of free admission to the ICoTA Canada Roundtable OR the ICoTA Canada Golf Tournament (~$350 value) – must be used in 2016 / 2017.

    Best Photo taken with a Cell Phone: Free Admission to an ICoTA Canada Lunch and Learn / Technical Session or a 1 year paid ICoTA membership (~$50 value) – must be used in   2016 / 2017.

    5 Runner Up Prizes: Free Admission to an ICoTA Canada Lunch and Learn / Technical Session or a 1 year paid ICoTA membership  (~$50 value) – must be used in 2016 / 2017.


    Contest Rules:

    Photos must be submitted by July 01, 2016.

    The contest is open to current members and non-members.

    The photos must be industry related and should have a focus on coiled tubing / wireline / interventions, but all oilfield themed photos are welcome.

    The photos do not have to be current or recent – a great photo that you took while working at Fracmaster in the 1980s would be a welcome contribution, as would an amazing photo taken on a job you were on yesterday.

    You must have taken the photo.

    All judging will be done by the ICoTA Canada Selection Committee selected by the ICoTA Canada Website Committee Chair.

    The photos cannot show any proprietary technology not already in the public domain.

    Photos of ‘Train Wrecks’ will not be considered for the purposes of this contest.

    ICoTA Canada is given unlimited use of the photos for display on the ICoTA Canada website and for promotional and marketing purposes.

    Winners will be notified by July 31, 2016 so they can determine how to use their prizes in 2016.

    Results will be announced at the ICoTA Canada Roundtable in October, 2016

  • 19 Jan 2016 1:59 PM | Anonymous
    In keeping with the ICoTA mission statement, we are proud to offer the following online courses through a third party Learning Management System.   These courses were specifically prepared and developed for ICoTA by Athena Engineering Services. 

    Learn more at the ICoTA USA Chapter website:

  • 18 Jan 2016 8:39 AM | Anonymous

    SPE & ICoTA Intersociety Lunch

    Date: Tuesday, 19 January, 2016

    Speakers: Silviu Livescu & Tom Watkins

    Location: Calgary Petroleum Club

    Time: 11:30 – 1:00 pm


    Coiled tubing has been developed for its ability to perform remedial work on a live well. For more than 50 years, coiled tubing has mainly been an intervention technology used to maintain or increase production. It has evolved from a challenging engineering solution to a mature technology with a global market share of more than $5.4 billion in 2014, including the North America unconventional oil and gas market where coiled tubing is part of the well completion operations.In prior cycles, declines in rig activity have not affected the coiled tubing market immediately. However, the last year downturn has seen a dramatic change in the commodity business model of well interventions, in general, and coiled tubing applications, in particular. The coiled tubing industry, similarly to all other oil and gas sectors, is responding to the new market conditions through technical innovation. Recently developed intelligent coiled tubing systems combine real-time downhole data monitoring with additional capabilities to simultaneously provide downhole power, significantly improving operational efficiency and accelerating well recovery in all types of coiled tubing operations. From milling, stimulation, and well cleanouts to gas lifting, camera services, logging and perforating operations, these novel systems can provide accurate, real-time downhole monitoring of high-resolution depth correlation, differential pressure, and temperature data. The knowledge and confidence gained by using these intelligent coiled tubing systems drive the coiled tubing industry further.

    Silviu Livescu Bio:

    Silviu Livescu is the chief scientist in Baker Hughes’ worldwide Coiled Tubing Research and Engineering (CTRE) facility in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He was previously affiliated with ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company in Houston, Texas, USA and the Department of Energy Resources Engineering at Stanford University, California, USA. Silviu has conducted fundamental and applied research and industrial research and development projects in application areas as diverse as reservoir engineering, production engineering, well intervention, and flow assurance. Silviu holds BS and MS degrees from University “Politehnica” of Bucharest, Romania and a PhD degree from University of Delaware, Delaware, USA, all in mechanical engineering.

    Tom Watkins Bio:

    Tom Watkins is the global field support manager for Baker Hughes' worldwide Coiled Tubing Research and Engineering (CTRE) facility in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Tom, a licensed engineer in Alberta, brings experience from nearly a decade of working in research and development of coiled tubing technologies. A graduate of SAIT Polytechnic, Tom has several patents and publications helping the industry move forward.

    The SPE would like to thank our sponsor for this luncheon

    This luncheon is sponsored by Schlumberger. Schlumberger is the world’s leading supplier of technology, integrated project management and information solutions to customers working in the oil and gas industry worldwide. Schlumberger provides the industry’s widest range of products and services from exploration through production.

    Don’t Miss Out and Sign Up Today!

    January 19, 2016

    From 11:45 AM to 1:00 PM

    Calgary Petroleum Club

    319 5th Ave SW

    Calgary, AB

  • 05 Jan 2016 7:14 AM | Anonymous

    ICoTA Canada is pleased to announce the return of Corporate Sponsorship Program for 2016

    The program is divided into four levels based on the number of members registered – Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze.  As a corporate member your company and selected employees receive the following:

    • Each corporate sponsorship includes a number of memberships to ICoTA Canada and vouchers to be redeemed at ICoTA Canada events.
    • Platinum – 20 memberships and vouchers
    • Gold – 15 memberships and vouchers
    • Silver – 10 memberships and vouchers
    • Bronze – 5 memberships and vouchers
    • Additional members $35/member
    • Sponsorship of the ICoTA Canada website is included.
    • Hole sponsorship at the annual ICoTA Canada golf tournament.
    • Company name on a sponsorship banner which is displayed at every ICoTA Canada function.
    • Vouchers redemption details will be sent to the corporate sponsor administrator prior to select ICoTA events throughout the year.

    Sign up today at:

    Registration is available for a limited time only - sign up before March 31, 2016.

    Any questions regarding the Corporate Membership program should be directed to

ICoTA Canadian Chapter
PO Box 22050 Bankers Hall
Calgary, AB T2P 4J1

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